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D-96 | Underground High Capacity Combination Air Valve


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A.R.I. D-96 Underground Combination Air Valve System integrates the D-46 2” valve model, featuring high-capacity air release and intake, encased within a specially designed, compact sub-surface housing for underground usage. Valve maintenance is performed above ground, reducing the hazards of confined space operation.

Product Features

  • Size range - 2” – 4”
  • Sealing pressure range - 1.5 - 250 psi
  • Testing pressure - 1.5 times maximum working pressure
  • Temperature - Maximum working temperature: 140° F.
  • Temperature - Maximum intermittent temperature: 194° F.

Features and Benefits

D-46 2" Air Valve
High air capacity
Durable reinforced composite materials
Easy tool-free maintenance
Non-corrosive materials

Compact Manhole
Eliminates large manhole excavation costs
No need for large human-accessible manholes
Compact, lightweight Valve, allows for easy installation/operation without heavy machinery or special tools
Minimum manpower required for maintenance – procedures can be performed by a single maintenance person
Reduced maintenance down-time and associated costs

Above-ground Maintenance
Removes safety hazards of operation in confined spaces
No confined-space entry
Tool-free Maintenance
Simple tool-free maintenance
Easy removal of valve from the pipeline

Insulation Solutions (optional)
Winterproof design - various vault sizes: 615mm-2440mm (2ft-8 ft) allows valve installation below permafrost levels

Vertical Standpipe Connection (optional)
Improves hygiene by preventing cross-contamination in a submerged vault

Submerged Installation
Vandal-proof - provides protection against intentional damage or tampering

Drainage Check Valve
Drains water from the vault/canister/box and prevents ground water from entering


– Water distribution lines
– Areas susceptible to freezing
– Rural areas - provides protection against damage and vandalism
– Urban areas - integrated with existing sub-surface municipal infrastructures
– Public and private areas – keeps aboveground surfaces aesthetically unobstructed

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Last Updated on: Monday, 04 March 2024